Webetop Elbow and Knee Pads Adult Dirt Bike Shin Guards Protective Gear Set 4pc

HIGH STRENGTH PROTECTION - Knee and elbow pads molded from high impact PE with soft EVA to take the abuses and prevent the wind, bump, crash, etc., providing a greater degree of comfort and protection for knees and shins to increase the chances of a motorcyclist surviving an accident
STAY-PUT FLEXIBLE MOVEMENT - With adjustable elastic quick-release straps for optimum fit and easy removal, closely follows the movement of the knee to deliver the most natural and flexible experience
MAXIMUM VENTILATION - Comes with multiple large vents in plastic shells and foam for maximum comfort and ventilation, eliminating moisture and heat to keep you cool and cozy without delay during the sports
VERSATILE - Specially designed for sports, like Motorbike, Biking & Cycling, MTB, Skiing, Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, Football, Volleyball, Wrestling, Dodgeball, Paintball, Softball, Tactical, Hockey, Weightlifting, Workout, Cross-fit, Skating, Kickboxing, Martial Art, Jujitsu, Hunting and more
PACKAGE INCLUDES - 2 shin pads+2 elbow pads
    4PCS Black


    The comfortable human body design.

    The reason to wear protective gear is very simple, to protect our Elbow and Knees, Keep Safety.

    Size demonsation:

    Knee Guards Size: 15*5.9inches Elbow Guards Size: Approx.12.6*4.7inches

    Package includes:

    2 pcs Elbows Guards + 2 pcs Knee Guards

    Elbow pads & Knee pads

    eblow pads

    knee pad

    Knee guards

    Durable PE

    The protector adopts a cup-shaped design, which can form an efficient buffer zone. It can absorb the high load energy generated by the impact force in a balanced manner, reduce the damage to the knee and arm, and fully protect the user's physical safety.

    Adjustable Straps

    Fashion appearance, fine workmanship, adjustable length, ergonomic design, comfortable wear, let users have a considerate use experience

    Velcro Design

    Delicate processing of Velcro, changing the old-fashioned traditional craftsmanship, has a more powerful adhesion, lengthened design, which is suitable for a wider range of people to adjust the size.

    Soft EVA

    High-tech breathable EVA lining, soft, comfortable, fast-absorbent, and quickly breathable

    Wide Use




    elbow pads